School vaccination exemption lost in California . . . what now?

By AL Whitney © copyround 2015
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Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown

On June 30, 2015 California’s governor Brown signed SB 277, that was recently passed by both the California House of Representatives and Senate. This new STATE OF CALIFORNIA statute closed the door on non-medical exemptions to state mandated school vaccinations.

There have been many responses to this travesty, unsurprisingly.  The parents who have unquestioningly accepted the falsehoods  spewing out of Big Pharma and the CDC (exposed by a Harvard Study) are relieved for they naively believe this change will serve to protect their own children. Those who understand the reality regarding vaccines are appropriately stunned and frightened.

Proposals to overcome the loss of protective exemptions are varied. Here are the most prevalent so far:

  1. Leave the state
  2. Find a doctor willing to sign a medical exemption
  3. Write your own religious exemption citing the first amendment of the Constitution
  4. Support a referendum: take the vaccine exemption issue to the general public in hopes over overriding the legislative decision
  5. File a lawsuit
  6. Home school your children
  7. Submit a legal notice

Perhaps the vaccine-aware population needs to take a close look at these proposals before they put their time, money or hope into them.

1) Leave the state

Unfortunately, there is a CDC agenda in motion today that most parents are unaware of called Healthy People 2020.  Their goal is to greatly increase vaccination rates in all states and in all age groups.  Legislatures have been eliminating school vaccine exemptions across the country. Many times they are motivated by the availability of federal grants. This trend is extremely unlikely to stop, therefore people could relocate to a new state only to face the same problem in the future that the folks in California are facing right now.

2) Find a doctor willing to sign a ‘medical’ vaccination exemption

There are a few people (or children) who cannot tolerate vaccines due to certain medical conditions or allergies. Physicians have written medical waivers exempting them from vaccination requirements. However, this practice is closely monitored and highly scrutinized. Physicians today are being subjected to more and more pressure to get all patients in their practices “fully vaccinated” and are rewarded for doing so with higher reimbursement rates per visit. In fact doctors are now being asked to have parents sign Refusal to Vaccinate forms and told this form protects the doctor from being sued should a patient suffer serious illness or injury from an infectious disease that a vaccine has been developed for.  It is very unlikely that physicians will provide medical exemptions  except under very specific conditions for doing so could threaten their careers.

3) Write your own religious exemption citing the first amendment of the Constitution

This strategy is unlikely to succeed because according to information (and interpretation) provided by the CDC (Chapter 13, page 273), mandatory vaccinations are justified per the doctrine Parens Patriae – based on a Supreme Court decision of 1944 – Prince vs Massachusetts:

Parens Patriae

Further authority to compel vaccination of children comes under the doctrine of parens patriae in which the state asserts authority over child welfare. In the 1944 case of Prince v. Massachusetts, which involved child labor under an asserted right of religious freedom, the U.S. Supreme Court summarized the doctrine, noting that:”Neither rights of religion nor rights of parenthood are beyond limitation. Acting to guard the general interest in youth’s well being, the state as parens patriae may restrict the parent’s control by requiring school attendance, regulating or prohibiting the child’s labor, and in many other ways. Its authority is not nullified merely because the parent grounds his claim to control the child’s course of conduct on religion or conscience.

Thus, he cannot claim freedom from compulsory vaccination for the child more than for himself on religious  grounds. The right to practice religion freely does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to communicable disease or the latter to ill health or death. (321 U.S. at 166–7, 64 S.Ct. at 442)”

4) Support a referendum: take the vaccine exemption issue to the general public in hopes over overriding the legislative decision

Referendums are used to take issues to the ballot box. The presumption being that if the public knew all of the facts, they would surely vote against (or for) a policy. There are three BIG problems with this strategy:

a) When the media is tightly controlled as it now is, getting the truth out about ANY issue on a large scale  is almost impossible. Scientists knowledgeable about vaccine dangers and falsehoods are rarely invited as “experts” to offer their research/facts. Getting a large portion of the public educated enough to support a referendum will be no small task. Big Pharma spends millions in advertising and can withdraw their business from any media outlet that discredits their claims regarding pharmaceuticals.

When the public launched a GMO labeling referendum in California, Monsanto and others spent millions to defeat it.  Big pharma’s pockets are surely as deep as Monsanto, if not deeper. See: Here We Go Again: Monsanto Spends Millions to Defeat State’s GMO Labeling Effort

b) Since election 2004 it has become more and more apparent that the election process in the UNITED STATES can be (and has been) rigged. In fact, several researchers have documented rampant vote fraud with Proposition 37, the GMO labeling referendum in California.  See:

c) Because the  opposition to a referendum on SB 277 has millions to spend propagandizing the public, it is likely that instead of gaining support for what many call vaccine “choice” – the vaccine agenda will gain more fans than ever before.  Therefore a referendum is more likely to hurt than help. Here is an excellent example of main stream media vaccine propaganda designed to frighten governors and state representatives and promote the false herd immunity theory:

5) File a lawsuit

Some folks are seriously considering filing a lawsuit, though they have not made it clear yet exactly who they wish to sue and on what grounds. It is important that before proceeding with extremely costly litigation people review the authority the so-called government is claiming over their children. See: Parens Patriae and mandatory vaccinations.  It is naive to think that legislators and Governors would eliminate parental choice regarding vaccinations without reviewing their authority to do so. They all seek and get legal advice from the Attorney General of each state before they sign-on to any legislation or policy.

In 2014 a Federal Judge tossed out three lawsuits based on the parent’s presumed Constitutional rights not to vaccinate their children.  See: Judge tosses out three religious exemption claims.

While some attorneys believe that employers can be prevented from firing people who refuse to abide by vaccination requirements based on their religious convictions, the chance of success with this strategy is slim to none.  Federal Judge Mary E. Bullock worked for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for many years.  This agency was set up to prevent discrimination (including religious) in the workplace.  Judge Bullock explained how completely corrupt the EEOC is in an interview (10-30-12). She stated: “The system is systemically corrupt as well as serially corrupt.” Here is her 25 minute interview with William Windsor of Lawless America: Federal Judge Reveals Judicial Corruption

6) Home school your children

In light of the recent adoption of Common Core across the country, home schooling is the best way to protect children from vaccines AND the psychological assault that the Common Core curriculum was designed to administer. Before making any decisions as to the best way to protect their children from vaccine mandates, parents need to watch Dr Duke Pesta’s presentation on Common Core. It is quite shocking to discover what has been done to our schools behind our backs.

7. Submit a legal notice

The hot potato regarding vaccines is the issue of liability, i.e. who will pay for any injuries or losses the vaccine might cause. Since the passage of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act (1986) and the Bruesewitz v. Wyeth Supreme Court decision (2011) all parties implementing the vaccination program in the UNITED STATES have been unlawfully granted a liability exemption. Their exemption puts the burden of caring for a vaccination victim onto the family. The only way to alter this outrageous situation is to submit a notice to the ‘party requiring the vaccination’, refusing the liability . . . in writing.

The use of a vaccination notice puts indisputable facts on the record and demands that the party initiating the vaccine requirement either accept the liability (in writing) or waives the requirement completely. It is extremely unlikely that when so much money has been spent getting out from under the liability regarding vaccine injuries, that any of the parties involved will take it back. Their attorneys will most assuredly advise them not to. Essentially the legal notice creates a catch-22 in that the parent (employee or student) agrees to comply with the vaccination requirement, but refuses to accept the liability.

See: The Vaccination Notice


Since both mandatory vaccinations and compulsory schooling violate the Bill of Rights, it should be obvious to most that the US Constitution is NOT the law of the land today. None of the so-called government agencies (such as the CDC) are Constitutional either. They represent the unlawfully created administrative branch of the so-called government.

The public is never told that since 1933 the UNITED STATES has been kept in a “state of emergency” by its Presidents,  who renew it each year.  During a state of emergency the normal functions of the Constitution are suspended and the President (through 450 federal agencies) exercises vast power via Executive Orders and Presidential Directives, etc. This FACT was well researched and reported in Senate Report 93-549 in 1973.  The latest ongoing bogus national emergency declared by the White House is the War on Terror.

UCCIt was during this permanent state of emergency that our legal system was covertly altered (by members of the BAR to eliminate Constitutional and Common Law) and transformed into admiralty/maritime/statutory law. The Uniform Commercial Code (the law of contracts) has now been adopted in all 50 states.  While most BAR attorneys aren’t taught how/when this transformation occurred (see: Who’s Running America and/or attorney Melvin Stamper’s book Fruit from a Poisonous Tree),  they all know that there is nothing Constitutional about mandatory vaccines for imaginary pharmaceutical disease-prevention.

As the UCC (law of contracts) is now the ‘law of the land’, it is only through the understanding of this legal construct that a lawful strategy for refusing mandatory vaccinations can be found. The more people who are willing to look closely at these realities, the more will start using a denial of consent vaccination notice to protect themselves and their children.

See: Dissecting the Basics of our Legal System



The UCC and You


5 responses to “School vaccination exemption lost in California . . . what now?

  1. I think the referendum offers the best chance of repealing this horrifying law. Although the mainstream media HAVE certainly been hijacked by the pharma companies, there are thousands of Californians who are being trained to take their signature forms to the street and engage with Californians one-on-one to explain to them what a really bad idea this is for everyone except those who are going to make a ton of money off of it.


  2. Pandora's box

    An administrative court will enforce statutes on your legal fiction strawman. Must prove you are the real party of interest of your birth certificate legal title by authenticating your birth certificate.


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