Protect your child from Child Protective Services


By AL Whitney © copyround 2015
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CPSMore and more stories are coming in from parents across the country regarding the unlawful kidnapping of their children. Parents who wisely refuse to subject their children to the ever growing number of toxic and dangerous vaccines are not the only parents being victimized. Because their so-called ‘agency’ requires that they investigate all complaints – reasonable or not – employees for Children’s Protective Services (CPS) can show up on anyone’s door step. So, all parents need to be prepared to respond defensively.

If you are unaware of the magnitude of this problem, please go to the website of former CPS employee Carlos Morales: As a former CASA volunteer with several years of experience in my own county, I concur with Mr Morales’s observations and conclusions about these dysfunctional and often dangerous so-called “child protection” agencies. You can listen to an interview Mr. Morales did on Red Ice Radio:

All CPS employees are bound by the rules and regulations (codes) of the STATE in which they are employed. So, one of the first things to be understood is why the so-called presumed authority of the STATE OF over our children is not valid – without our consent.

The STATE OF’s vast network of employees and their courts have been told that our son and daughters are indeed their property as in ‘under their jurisdiction’. To enforce their codes, they must provide proof of this claim, if requested. Without asking them for proof of their claim, it is presumed we accept it as fact.  [See Who Owns Our Children] The only so called proof they have is the birth certificate[1] signed by the child’s Mother. However, the Mother was never told that by signing the birth certificate she was donating her baby to the STATE OF. Contracts with undisclosed terms and conditions are not lawful and cannot be enforced . . . without your consent. What do you think the likelihood is of them admitting in writing that your signature on your baby’s birth certificate – that you were coerced into signing – meant that you were willingly with full knowledge and understanding donating your baby to the STATE? And, if you indeed did agree to care for the STATE’s property, as you have been doing, where are your payments for the many hours and costs you have invested?

Another aspect of this unlawful kidnapping of children by CPS employees is their willingness to violate the letter of the STATE OF statutes/codes and make their own determinations as to their presumed ‘authority’. As children’s services has a financial incentive to kidnap children, explained brilliantly by Mr. Morales, bending the rules (codes) is not unusual.

BAR attorneys [2] will never challenge the STATE OF’s claim of authority over your child (children), as they were likely never taught in law school about the Birth Certificate scam.[3] In fact, most will deny it. BAR attorneys will only challenge the procedures and evidence presented by CPS, which may have even been violated or falsified. [See US Courts Cover-up Fraud and Extortion]

Should a CPS employee knock on your door, understand that they have no authorization to enter your home without your consent. So, do not allow them into your home. Instead, hand them a generic Corporate-Government Employee Questionnaire (available in LAWFULLY YOURS,  link below) which asks them to identify themselves, to identify the number and effective date of the code they are attempting to enforce, and to verify that they personally have seen your signature on a signed contract agreeing to abide by their codes. Naturally they won’t be able to provide this info on your doorstep, so they will have to leave. DO NOT ANSWER ANY OF THEIR QUESTIONS – just tell them you refuse to talk to them without proper authorization and identification.  It is extremely important to be polite and appear cooperative!

There is a good chance that they will not return as you have proven yourself waaay too knowledgeable. However should they remain unconvinced that they cannot scare you into granting them authority, they might return or even send a supervisor to pay you a visit. They have also been known to send employees to the child’s school for an unlawful interview with your son or daughter. Once they have left, print out a short letter and a lawful notice (samples in LAWFULLY YOURS, link below) and send them together via Certified Mail to the head of the CPS ‘agency’ the employee works for. The name of the agency should be on the top of the employee’s business card. Save a copy of both.

Should your notice to the county child protection agency result in an invitation to appear in court, review the information provided in the Lawfully Yours guide, Section 2: The Legal Process. This section was written by a retired federal judge. It explains how our courts really work and how to stay out of them. Here is a quote from Section 2 of Lawfully Yours:

You probably identify with this corporate process as LEGAL PROCESS but it really isn’t about what is legal or lawful because all process is about the enforcement of CONTRACTS or the imposition and enforcement of CORPORATE REGULATIONS called STATUTES. The best advice you will ever receive is to  AVOID THEIR COURTS WHENEVER POSSIBLE.

The Lawfully Yours guide is available as a free PDF on this page.


Step One
Understand the parasitic nature of child protective services and avoid becoming one of their “cases” by denying them permission to enter your home or speak to your child (children).

Step Two
Have a Corporate-Government Employee Questionnaire printed out and setting near your front door. Always be prepared to hand it to child protective services employees who are making inquiries or engaged in investigations. In fact, it should be used for any corporate-government employee that requests admission into your home or onto your property for any purpose whatsoever.

Step Three
Once approached by a child protective services employee as part of an inquiry or investigation, prepare a letter and a NOTICE for the agency involved. Send them to the head of the agency asap by Certified Mail. Save copies for your records.

Step Four
Learn how to officially decline any invitation to court that your letter/NOTICE might result in by reading Section 2 in the Lawfully Yours guide.

Please share this information with your friends and family. Children across the country are being kidnapped by child protective services on a daily basis. The vast majority of these incidents are happening to good parents who get caught in a trap they are completely unaware of.

[1] “The Birth State claims the custody of your children pursuant to the Birth Certificate and records them under the Department of Transportation as a State owned Vessel!”; from the LAWFULLY YOURS guide.

[2] The history and credentials of BAR attorneys are exposed in The Legal Craft.

[3] The Birth Certificate scam was also exposed by attorney Melvin Stamper in his book Fruit from a Poisonous Tree and by former World Bank attorney Karen Hudes in an in-depth interview, which can be found on AntiCorruption Former World Bank Attorney Exposes the Bankers and the BAR.


3 responses to “Protect your child from Child Protective Services

  1. I am so against vaccines for children, they were only designed to slowly kill our children, they should be against the Law!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I m tired! I’m fighting for my grandson and daughter. My daughter refused vacciness at GW hospital in DC. They threatened her in the delivery room “If you don’t vaccinate he will die and it happened before!” They were angry. My grandson was born healthy. They took him in the back room and severely harmed him. His intestine was inflamed! He was paralyzed from pain. No one checked on him! Now In Children’s Hospital where his intestines could have been saved. Dr Clarivet Torres like the rest of them made my grandson an example on why you should not vaccinate and what happens when you refuse. Now owned by the state CPS
    He is beong tortured. We can’t get a second oppinion. My daughter is a slave to the medical system!!! Now I am pregnant in CA. AM REFUSING PHARMACEUTICALS AND VACCINES! I DO NOT FEEL SAFE GIVING BIRTH IN CA HOSPITAL!!! The midwifery clinic I have to go to said I will have to sign a waiver. DO I SIGN THAT WAIVER WITHOUT CPS THREATENING ME TO TAKE MY BABY AWAY.!!! OR DO I DEFEND ME AND MY BABY WITH A WEAPON! I WILL DIE BEFORE I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE!


    • If you are forced to sign a waiver, read it first. You can stall by saying you have to talk to your legal consultant before signing. If you are still backed into a corner, write “under coercion” above your signature


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