Open letter to fellow Ohioans

Proposed legislation in Ohio to remove parental choice regarding childhood vaccinations

vaccines - children runningThe Ohio legislature is moving toward mandatory vaccinations for all children attending school via House Bill  564. This is to be accomplished by removing parent’s ability to exempt their child from school vaccination requirements.

See: Ohio Legislature moves towards mandatory vaccines, proposing to eliminate philosophical exemptions entirely

Is this a problem?

For most of my life I had no problem with vaccinations. In fact I rarely gave them much thought. Then in 2009 the “H1N1 pandemic” happened and the issue caught my attention. A good friend of mine suggested that I investigate the topic more thoroughly, which I did.

As a former medical professional – married to a general practitioner – I had observed that the entire field of medicine had become increasingly focused on profits over patient care. When I read a book by the former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Marcia Angell, titled The Truth About the Drug Companies my observations were confirmed.

If you investigate the influence Big Pharma has had over vaccination policy in America, you will most likely be both shocked and dismayed. In fact, as Dr. Angell reported, Big Pharma has had a huge impact on the entire field of medicine for many years. Medical schools, physicians and policy makers are greatly influenced by this industry due to the huge profits they receive and use to peddle their products, which include vaccines.

In 2001 a retired Dayton pharmacist, Kristine Severyn, attempted to convince Ohio legislators that while making the chickenpox vaccine mandatory for Ohio school children was profitable for Merck, it was unjustified as chickenpox was a relatively benign occurrence in a child’s life. Severyn’s investigation and efforts at influencing Ohio legislators were expressed in her wonderful article: Profits, Not Science, Motivate Vaccine Mandates. Things haven’t improved since 2001. They’ve gotten worse.

When we factor in the reality that Big Pharma has been able to lobby the legislators in Washington DC into giving them total immunity from ALL LIABILITY regarding any harm or injury their vaccine products cause, we can easily conclude that the expansion of vaccine mandates represents all profit and no risk for the industry. In fact since they have been relieved of all liability concerns they now have over 271 new vaccines getting ready for release.

Former Pfizer pharmaceutical company executive, Dr. Peter Rost, was so disgusted by Big Pharma’s ability to buy influence in the field of medicine, that he quit the industry and wrote a book exposing it titled The Whistleblower: Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman

Are vaccines safe or effective?

To answer that question you have to take a little time to educate yourself regarding the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which is the ‘agency’ of the federal government responsible for the establishment of the childhood vaccination schedule. Neither physicians, medical schools nor legislators will be happy with the results of such an investigation. A wonderful former CDC employee, Dr. David Lewis, exposed the CDC in his book Science for Sale. In fact many good people have exposed many nasty facts regarding this intuition.  See: CDC Exposed

Once people take some time to do their own investigation into this issue, I’m confident they will recognize that “Houston, we have a problem.”

The problem with big multinational corporations buying influence in our country has gotten much worse in my lifetime. What was once the field of medicine has now become the medical industrial complex. People who used to be referred to as patients are now called healthcare consumers. Whether we like it or not, wellness is NOT profitable for this industry and illness, especially chronic illness, is.

Tragically, no matter what your profession is you can no longer depend on main stream health care professionals to protect your health. The science they rely on to determine diagnosis and treatment is unreliable as it is bought and paid for by powerful and wealthy special interest participants. This tragic reality is based on the research of brilliant and brave insiders who have come foreword to warn us all:  See Big Pharma Exposed

Here is a one pager (Ten Little Known Facts) that can be faxed to your Ohio state representative. While its contents might surprise you (and your legislator), each of the 10 points listed has been verified. Active inks can be found here.

Believe it or not, when children live in a healthy environment and are fed healthy and nutritious food, getting through childhood – including childhood diseases like mumps, measles, and chicken pox – is not a problem. My mother did it successfully with four children and my aunt did it successfully with six. In fact, in my entire life I have never met even one family whose child was severely impacted by experiencing the basic childhood diseases.

If Big Pharma gets its way all of their new 271 vaccines will be mandated for everyone, even if they prove to be harmful and ineffective. Now is the time to draw a line in the sand! You can use this map to locate your state representative, click on their name and get their fax number.  Let’s not forget that most of them are parents and many of them are grandparents.

Best to all,


[Former Registered Respiratory Therapist and Court Appointed Special Advocate for children (CASA)]