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Protect your child from Child Protective Services


By AL Whitney © copyround 2015
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CPSMore and more stories are coming in from parents across the country regarding the unlawful kidnapping of their children. Parents who wisely refuse to subject their children to the ever growing number of toxic and dangerous vaccines are not the only parents being victimized. Because their so-called ‘agency’ requires that they investigate all complaints – reasonable or not – employees for Children’s Protective Services (CPS) can show up on anyone’s door step. So, all parents need to be prepared to respond defensively.

If you are unaware of the magnitude of this problem, please go to the website of former CPS employee Carlos Morales: Truthovercomfort.net. As a former CASA volunteer with several years of experience in my own county, I concur with Mr Morales’s observations and conclusions about these dysfunctional and often dangerous so-called “child protection” agencies. You can listen to an interview Mr. Morales did on Red Ice Radio: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2014/11/RIR-141126.php

All CPS employees are bound by the rules and regulations (codes) of the STATE in which they are employed. So, one of the first things to be understood is why the so-called presumed authority of the STATE OF over our children is not valid – without our consent.

The STATE OF’s vast network of employees and their courts have been told that our son and daughters are indeed their property as in ‘under their jurisdiction’. To enforce their codes, they must provide proof of this claim, if requested. Without asking them for proof of their claim, it is presumed we accept it as fact.  [See Who Owns Our Children] The only so called proof they have is the birth certificate[1] signed by the child’s Mother. However, the Mother was never told that by signing the birth certificate she was donating her baby to the STATE OF. Contracts with undisclosed terms and conditions are not lawful and cannot be enforced . . . without your consent. What do you think the likelihood is of them admitting in writing that your signature on your baby’s birth certificate – that you were coerced into signing – meant that you were willingly with full knowledge and understanding donating your baby to the STATE? And, if you indeed did agree to care for the STATE’s property, as you have been doing, where are your payments for the many hours and costs you have invested?

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Caution: unHealthy People 2020 is coming after us all!

By AL Whitney © copyround 2015
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[Originally posted on AntiCorruption Society.com]

un healthy peopleThe mandatory vaccination issue is ramping up and according to Dr Gary G Kohls, MD there are 271 new vaccines in Big Pharma’s pipeline. Since Big Pharma and the vaccine pushers and promoters have a “liability exemption”, their business plan represents pure profit and no loss for all of those involved.

According to the excellent research of Dr Sherri Tenpenny, the Department of Health and Human Services launched a program in 2010 called Healthy People 2020. Their goal is to remove all (but medical) school vaccine exemptions and push vaccinations in every arena of our society. Thanks to Executive Order 13335 of Bush Jr (which implemented electronic medical records across the country), tracking our vaccination history will be easy for government-corporations and medical institutions alike.

Those who understand the very real threat to our health that vaccines represent, have every right to be concerned and downright outraged. In fact, if they are not they don’t really understand what is going on. Those who still think there is a legislative solution to vaccine mania need to listen to Tenpenny’s entire interview on Red Ice Radio. Healthy People 2020 is an extremely well funded top-down program.

As Healthy People 2020 rolls out, the only way left for us to protect ourselves and our progeny from toxic vaccines is to get smart about what our so-called government has morphed into and challenge its nonexistent authority.

On In Defense of Humanity last Saturday, we featured a clip of Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s exposé regarding the Healthy People 2020 program. We also played clips of a 2011 interview with the fabulous historical and legal researcher (may she rest in peace) Joyce Rosenwald. Joyce explains the many ways both our history and our legal system have been misrepresented to us and how we are unwittingly consenting to rules (laws) that lack lawful authority.

Please listen to the In Defense of Humanity show of Aug 19, 2015 so you can start to understand that there are lawful ways to refuse to cooperate with the ever-growing vaccination agenda.

Quote from The UCC and You:

Page 39
A person created under de jure law, with the person’s identifying name appearing as prescribed by law and according to the rules of English grammar, is a legal fact. A corrupted “alter ego” version of that name [the STRAWMAN], manufactured under the legal fiction of “right of presumption”, will have credibility only so long as the presumption remains unchallenged. The rule of the world is that anything and everything skates unless you bust it.

In other words, if you consent . . . you can’t complain! Let them know you don’t consent by presenting them with a Vaccination Notice.


Joyce Rosenwald interview on My Private Audio

Parens Patriae – Government as Parent by Joyce Rosenwald

Treason – A Notice to Public Servants by Joyce Rosenwald

Who owns our children?


By AL Whitney © copyround 2015
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines is acknowledged.

If you believe the constitution is going to protect your children from mandatory school vaccinations, then please review this Federal Judge’s decision.  See Judge tosses out three religious exemption claims

familyWhy are we asking the STATE OF corporation their permission (an exemption) to protect our precious children from unwarranted toxic pharmaceutical products known as vaccines?

Who owns our children?

When a man and woman combine their biological matter together to create a zygote, they are the rightful owners of their creation. Without her biological matter (egg) and his biological matter (sperm) the zygote would not exist. The woman’s body provides the environment necessary for the zygote to grow into maturity. Upon maturity, the woman’s body provides the process necessary for the zygote to join our world as a brand new male or female. The fledgling boy or girl needs many years of nurturing before reaching his/her maturity i.e. ability to care for himself/herself. The man and woman own and are obliged to care for their progeny (property) until their progeny reaches adulthood. The vast majority of male and female progeny reach adulthood as a result of their mother and father’s care and nurturing.

The STATE OF corporation (owning no eggs, sperms or wombs) contributes nothing to this process and therefore cannot make any lawful claims as “Parens Patriae“.

So how is it that they claim to have the authority to force mothers and/or fathers to enter their progeny into public schools (compulsory education) or force them to inject their progeny with toxic unwarranted pharmaceutical products called vaccines? What authority does the STATE OF’s child protective services (CPS) have to steal the mother and father’s property (progeny)? Since the STATE OF didn’t (couldn’t) contribute to the creation of the man and woman’s progeny (boy or girl), where does its ownership claim come from? What does the STATE OF corporation actually own?

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