The Vaccination Notice

overcoming vaccine mania


For the past several decades the number of vaccinations recommended (or required) by physicians, schools, colleges and employers has increased exponentially. The Center for Disease Control, Inc. launched a program in 2010 called Healthy People 2020 and increasing vaccination rates is a significant part of this well funded program.

Vaccines (dangerous pharmaceutical products that the manufactuers don’t warrant as either safe or effective) are extremely profitable for Big Pharma. So the establishment of policies for schools, colleges and medical facilities that require “up to date” vaccinations is a virtual economic windfall for the industry. Let’s not forget that the words “do not harm living men, women or children” are not included in Big Pharma’s corporate charters.

As vaccination recommendations, requests and requirements mount, we will need new ways to protect ourselves from “Vaccine Mania”. A simple no thank you is not likely to be effective in the very near future. We are going to have to place our well-informed decision to reject vaccines on the record. The creation of a legal notice can accomplish this.
The concept of notice is critical to the integrity of legal proceedings. Due process requires that legal action cannot be taken against anyone unless the requirements of notice and an opportunity to be heard are observed.

The Vaccination Notice also allows you the opportunity to educate those requesting the vaccination – as an enormous system of propaganda regarding vaccines has been in place for a very long time.  For the most part those requesting vaccinations believe these toxic concoctions are benign and beneficial (safe and effective). Most vaccination requesters don’t know or understand that:

  • The public health department, the CDC and the state are all corporations. Basically our entire government is a franchised network of corporations.
  • Physicians get more money for each ‘fully vaccinated’ child in their practice.
  • Those manufacturing and administering vaccines have been given an exemption for liability should these concoctions cause injury, illness or even death. This unjustly places the costs (liability) of any injury or loss onto the parent, patient, student or employee – not on the vaccine requester.
  • Most vaccine requesters intentionally withhold the vaccine package insert thus denying the parent, patient, student or employee real information about the health risks they are being asked to take. There are even documented cases of parents being jailed for injuries that resulted from childhood vaccines – injuries that were listed on the package insert that the parent never received.

The Vaccination Notice contains all four of the these little known facts. The entire list of Ten Little Known Facts can be found here.  It is also available as a one page handout for sharing.

The Vaccination Notice for Physicians

The Vaccination Notice for Schools and Colleges

The Vaccination Notice for Employers

14 responses to “The Vaccination Notice

  1. This is great, but what happens when the school, doctor and employer don’t sign the liability (because they won’t) and then the school denies your child entry based on vaccination status, the Pediatrician won’t accept your children as patients unless they get vaccinated and the Job fires you are don’t employ you based vaccination status.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s good info, but just because they refuse to sign a liability form doesn’t mean they have to let you be a patient, student or employee.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They won’t sign for liability, of course. And, no they don’t have to keep you as an employee. However, if you don’t challenge them in writing, they won’t be forced to consider waiving the requirement. Also, the information on the notice is information neither they – nor their lawyer’s – have. Few know about the liability issue and few know that the science in unsettled.


  2. I’m from Indiana, does my state have a different approach? I don’t feel like I have enough information to make an intelligent decision.


  3. I’m in New York, my son starts school starting pre k and will need vaccination shots. I don’t want him to get then what steps do I take?


  4. IM IN North Carolina does my state have exemptions


  5. My son will be born Sept 2017, i need information, my son is not getting any vaccinations.


  6. Brooke Gorsanson

    How long has this form been in use. We took our oldest to the Doctor in 2006 and signed some form refusing VAC’s. Is it the same and should we file a retraction?


  7. I am in Texas and will be having a baby in october 2017. Where should I look for laws and how to get around vaccines. I dont want my baby having them. Thank you!


    • The first hurdle you will have to overcome will be in the hospital when they try to force you to accept the Hepatitis B vaccine for your newborn. Read all about The Vaccination Notice. If it was me, I’d give it to the hospital upon admission.


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